• This first book in a series has started off brilliantly. There’s nothing like the excitement of learning new information and uncovering ancient secrets to keep a good book moving along at a cracking pace – Wendy O’Hanlon
    • This novel is a real winner – full of surprises in every chapter – John Morrow
    • I could not put it down – Richard Smoorenburg
    • It kept me hooked. I really enjoyed the ending and certainly learned a thing or two in the process – David Harvey
    • Thoroughly enjoyable. I found the plot very exciting and the technical content was very stimulating. A fine portrayal of the characters – Doug Jones


  • A very exciting read – EmProf Murray Gillin
  • Captivating – a fine piece of literature – Dr Brian Lloyd
  • Combining drama, science and historical facts with a mastery of hieroglyphs, made for a gripping read – Dr Vaughan Beck
  • A good yarn indeed. The story is lively, with many twists and turns to hold the reader’s interest. The technical detail is outstanding – the reader learns something while being entertained – Dr Chris McLeod



  • Riveting stuff, and the author’s attention to detail and character development does, indeed, lead the reader to think that this is far from fiction. That’s his gift as a writer. This is another great intelligent, fast-paced read from Dr Martin Cole, and fans of his work will be happy to know that a third book is in the making – Wendy O’Hanlon
  • I am quite often disappointed in a sequel to a great novel but with Dr Cole’s latest mystery, I had no need to worry. His characters take us through another adventure that will have you engrossed from the very first chapter while they search for an ancient Mayan prophecy. An inventive and exciting storyline keeps you on your toes while you become reacquainted with the team of four – John Morrow
  • I thoroughly enjoyed The Code of the Apocalypse. Martin Cole has cleverly zeroed in on ancient cultural intrigues, which combined with his knowledge of astronomy and modern technology, bring to life exciting stories with mysterious overtones. This stimulated me once again to search the internet to bone up on the history, geography and folk lore. I look forward to his next book….– Doug Jones
  • Loved the book, couldn’t put in down. I want his next one now! – Robert Osborne
  • A rattling good and highly entertaining yarn that remains credible within its extraordinary premise. The story has more than a grain of relevance to our world today and certainly gives the reader some ideas to wrestle with in terms of mankind’s stewardship of this planet. This is a well put together piece of work – Dr Chris McLeod
  • Sit back and enjoy the journey as the code hunters once again take you on the ride of your life – John Morrow